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The ARJD provides the following resources related to the Association's mission and the work of its members. Download the attached files below and be in touch with any questions.

Articles of Association and Bylaws

The Association of Reporters of Judicial Decisions' official Articles of Association and Bylaws. Amended August 4, 2022.

Statement of Principles: "Official" On-line Documents

In many courts, the Reporter of Decisions is also the primary archivist and repository of official opinions. As an organization dedicated to the issemination, publication, and accurate reporting of court decisions, the ARJD recognizes that serious issues have arisen regarding the preservation, authenticity, and certification of official government documents, especially with regard to on-line and electronic versions of those documents. This policy statement represents the position of the ARJD and its members on those issues. Revised May 2008.

Proceedings of the Second International Symposium on Official Law Reporting

The Second International Symposium on Official Law Reporting was conducted on July 30, 2004, in conjunction with the 23rd Annual Meeting of the ARJD. This symposium supplemented--and added a North American perspective to the issues discussed at--the conference on Law Reporting, Legal Information and Electronic Media in the New Millennium, held at Cambridge University in England on March 17, 2000.

Resources & Documents: Legal Resources
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